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DOSSIER: Jouw data post

GDPR-compliance research within the ten largest municipalities

Bits of Freedom has done research on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliance within the ten largest municipalities of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, most municipalities scored a failing grade, despite the fact that the GDPR has celebrated its fourth anniversary.

DOSSIER: Platformen post

8 new rules that will protect you from online platforms

At the start of 2024, the Digital Services Act (DSA) will come into effect. That means that there will be many new rules that will benefit users of platforms like Google, Instagram, and TikTok. We read the textRead the final text of the DSA here! –which has just been final–which has just been finalized– and list 8 rules that will soon protect your rights from online platforms.


What’s going on in Brussels?

A quick overview of the EU legislative proposals we are involved with, and what to expect.

DOSSIER: Freedom of communication post

European Commission wants to eliminate online confidentiality

The Commission wants platforms and internet providers to do the impossible. With its proposal, it threatens to eliminate confidentiality online.

DOSSIER: State surveillance post

The secret services try again

Crises are easily used to legitimise sweeping powers.

DOSSIER: State surveillance post

Academics call for binding supervision of secret services

This scientific opinion also recommends binding powers for the supervisor of the secret services.

DOSSIER: Data justice post

The European Commission does not sufficiently understand the need for a better AI Act

The Dutch Senate shares the same concerns we’ve expressed about the AI Act and wrote to the European Commission about it. The response of the Commission is not exactly reassuring.

DOSSIER: State surveillance post

Unfriendly reminder: The secret services are still stealing our data

The secret services are unlawfully holding our data. This is not allowed by law and not by the oversight committee. The system fails to protect us.

DOSSIER: State surveillance post

Update on the Dutch “Dragnet-Act”: One step forward, two steps back?

The Amendment Act to the Dragnet-Act passed the Senate. The improvements therein do not go far enough, but they are in the right direction. The newly acquired safeguards must not be overturned.

DOSSIER: State surveillance post

Dutch Senate votes in favor of dragnet surveillance powers

Dragnet surveillance in the Netherlands is a fact. Last night a new bill for the secret services was passed that allows for the systematic and large-scale interception of citizens’ communication.

DOSSIER: State surveillance post

Dutch House of Representatives passes dragnet surveillance bill

On February 14, 2017 the bill for the new Intelligence and Security Services Act was passed by the Dutch lower house. Despite being met with serious opposition from experts, regulators, civil society, political parties and citizens, the revised bill passed virtually unchanged from the proposal submitted to the lower house. It’s beyond disappointing that a bill with such momentous consequences is rushed through the lower house with such relentless determination.

DOSSIER: Big Brother Awards post

Recap of the Dutch Big Brother Awards 2016: serious and funny

An anonymous country singer, the watchdog-walking service and the I-have-nothing-to-hide musical. These were just a few ingredients by theatre producers and performers Oscar Kocken and Daan Windhorst. Just add a crash course ‘Lying with charts’, a few tasteful awards, and you have a very funny and serious ceremony about privacy. Check out the video.

DOSSIER: Versleuteling post

Open Whisper Systems at the Dutch Big Brother Awards

Open Whisper Systems was awarded the Felipe Rodriguez award at the twelfth edition of Dutch Big Brother Awards. This award, given to people and organisations who have been invaluable for protecting and advancing privacy, was given to Open Whisper Systems for their work on Signal and the Signal protocol. They have managed to secure the […]

DOSSIER: Versleuteling post

Head of Dutch security service is fed up with privacy concerns

Will people who value privacy know that they allowed a terrorist attack to take place? Rob Bertholee, head of the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (AIVD) made this and other bold statements in a revealing interview, clearly showing his frustration about legitimate privacy concerns.