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Preliminary report on the tooling of the European digital rights field

Between June and July 2022 we interviewed 10 civil society organizations about their use of digital tooling. With still a number of interviews to go, we wish to report back on our first findings in order to allow for early and easy feedback. This report, therefore, offers a summary of our first findings.

What we set out to do

Technology can and should advance our work in support of open and just societies. We're convinced it can only do so when:

  1. We use technology that aligns with our values and message;
  2. The technology we use and the way we use it is progressive, inspiring, and fun.

In order to get there, Bits of Freedom set out to map the current tooling behaviors, tooling needs and possible ways forward within the European digital rights field. We're focusing on three core areas: 1) communications tooling (running campaigns, mobilization, and outreach to (new) audiences); 2) tooling for research and evidence-gathering; and 3) tooling to run our organizations and workspaces.

Report and feedback

You can find the full report with our key findings following the link below. We hope to receive lots of feedback on this report, so feel free to reach out about this research.

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