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From notorious rule breaker to privacy advocate: How government can change its stripes

We recently hosted a panel discussion at CPDP, a major privacy conference in Europe. There, we asked Roozendaal (a senior civil servant at the Dutch government), Sjoera Nas (an independent privacy consultant), Estelle Masse (NGO Access Now) and Cecile Schut (the Dutch Data Protection Agency) to talk about privacy.

The panel explored the coherence between the work of all stakeholders involved in protecting people’s privacy. From drafting laws and regulations, complying with privacy law and enforcing it, to challenging the rules and the rule-breakers: although all stakeholders act autonomously, their work is deeply intertwined. This is a panel of diverse experts: each one of them has a specific role in this system. And each brings years of experience, some even in multiple capacities. That’s a perfect basis for shared reflection on the state of play. Initial questions we’d like to explore are:

• Assuming we have the common goal of protecting people’s privacy, where and why does the system (in some cases) fail to do so?
• What can we learn from individual experiences?
• What do each of us need to excel in our role?
• How can we best align our efforts?

The panel has been recorded for your viewing pleasure and can be watched back below.

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