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Data justice

State surveillance

Awareness and action

Citizens are becoming increasingly transparent to their governments, threatening an already precarious balance of powers. We believe that now more than ever, the work of state actors with extensive surveillance powers needs to be transparent, predictable and lawful, and come with strong safeguards and oversight against misuse of this power.

Everyone should be able to move about freely without being spied on, be able to communicate in private, to organise and speak their minds freely and be assured of a fair trial. These rights are under pressure. We oppose mass surveillance, advance transparency around the police's use of digital technology, and report on the work of the secret services and that of their review- and supervisory committees.

The topics we tackle in this program include (the implementation of) the Intelligence and Security Services Act and all amendments to it, the enforcement and revision of the Police Data Act, the police's use of facial recognition, and the new bill regulating the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV).

Articles on State surveillance

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