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DOSSIER: Doe-het-zelf

‘Hey there! I’m updating my WhatsApp privacy settings’

Laatst werd bekend dat je in een handomdraai een database kunt aanleggen met telefoonnummers, profielfoto’s en de bijbehorende status van bijna alle WhatsApp-gebruikers. En zo kan je je instellingen aanpassen om te voorkomen dat jouw profiel op straat ligt.

DOSSIER: Big Brother Awards

Recap of the Dutch Big Brother Awards 2016: serious and funny

An anonymous country singer, the watchdog-walking service and the I-have-nothing-to-hide musical. These were just a few ingredients by theatre producers and performers Oscar Kocken and Daan Windhorst. Just add a crash course ‘Lying with charts’, a few tasteful awards, and you have a very funny and serious ceremony about privacy. Check out the video.

DOSSIER: Versleuteling

Open Whisper Systems at the Dutch Big Brother Awards

Open Whisper Systems was awarded the Felipe Rodriguez award at the twelfth edition of Dutch Big Brother Awards. This award, given to people and organisations who have been invaluable for protecting and advancing privacy, was given to Open Whisper Systems for their work on Signal and the Signal protocol. They have managed to secure the […]