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Ask the EU to protect your privacy!

The European Union is about to change the rules protecting our privacy. Tell your representatives you find the following three things important. Your action is needed this week.

When you browse the internet you often have to consent to being tracked. If you don't accept cookies for that purpose, you're denied access to websites. This is wrong.Tracking is about much more than advertising. Read more about the harmful consequences of tracking. Forced consent is not consent. Citizens should have the right to use the internet without being tracked across websites.

2. Make privacy the default

Privacy-enhancing settings in browsers and apps should be on by default.

3. Don't allow loopholes

Websites can collect data for analytics without asking for consent. The proposal currently contains a loophole that would allow third parties to abuse this exception. Members of Parliament should push for more specific language in order to get rid of this loophole.

What you can do to help

Tweet or e-mail your representatives that are part of the LIBE committee. They will be making the decisions on these points. Use the hashtags #eprivacy or #LookWhosStalking.

The e-Privacy regulation is European legislation on data protection, privacy and confidentiality of communications in the electronic communications environment. Read more at edri.org.

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