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Bits of Freedom @ The Next Web

Bits of Freedom stands up for your freedom and privacy on the internet. We fight for an internet that is open for everyone, where everyone can continue to share information, and where private communication remains private.

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Take Ctrl

More than ever, we live our lives online. While this has brought us a whole heap of benefits, more and more, information you share about yourself online takes on a life of its own. You can take back control.

Bits of who?

Bits of Freedom is the leading digital rights organization in the Netherlands, focusing on privacy and freedom of communication online.

Support Bits of Freedom

Do you want to contribute to the fight for online freedom and privacy?

You cannot post “A bag of bones” on Facebook

Facebook censors the suffering of children under the guise of nudity or sex. What a mess.

Who profits from period trackers?

Apps that track your cycle do not always treat the intimate data you share with them carefully.

Facebook can never get it right

One thing is clear: it is a bad idea to leave decisions as to whether you get to see horrific images to a major tech company that holds too much power and not necessarily shares your interests.

My Data Done Right launched: check your data!

Bits of Freedom launches first version of My Data Done Right.

How much does your community depend on Facebook?

Facebook is to invest tens of millions in “community leaders” – on the condition that the community leader uses the “Facebook family of apps and services”. We argue for reducing the role of Facebook in your community.

Can Design Save Us From Content Moderation?

Our communication platforms are polluted with racism, incitement to hate, terrorist propaganda and Twitter-bot armies. The approaches we’re currently taking to combat this, aren’t good enough.