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A power struggle rages for your data

Here’s what we think of the new rules on how the secret services should handle bulk data.

DOSSIER: Geheime diensten

Hooray! We freed the data of millions of people from the clutches of the secret services!

Hooray! We freed the data from millions of citizens from the clutches of the secret services!

DOSSIER: Geheime diensten

We filed a complaint against the secret services on behalf of millions of citizens

We filed a complaint against the sercret services on behalf of millions of citizens

DOSSIER: State surveillance

The secret services try again

Crises are easily used to legitimise sweeping powers.

DOSSIER: State surveillance

Academics call for binding supervision of secret services

This scientific opinion also recommends binding powers for the supervisor of the secret services.

DOSSIER: State surveillance

Unfriendly reminder: The secret services are still stealing our data

The secret services are unlawfully holding our data. This is not allowed by law and not by the oversight committee. The system fails to protect us.

DOSSIER: State surveillance

Update on the Dutch “Dragnet-Act”: One step forward, two steps back?

The Amendment Act to the Dragnet-Act passed the Senate. The improvements therein do not go far enough, but they are in the right direction. The newly acquired safeguards must not be overturned.

DOSSIER: State surveillance

Dutch Senate votes in favor of dragnet surveillance powers

Dragnet surveillance in the Netherlands is a fact. Last night a new bill for the secret services was passed that allows for the systematic and large-scale interception of citizens’ communication.
DOSSIER: State surveillance

Dutch House of Representatives passes dragnet surveillance bill

On February 14, 2017 the bill for the new Intelligence and Security Services Act was passed by the Dutch lower house. Despite being met with serious opposition from experts, regulators, civil society, political parties and citizens, the revised bill passed virtually unchanged from the proposal submitted to the lower house. It’s beyond disappointing that a bill with such momentous consequences is rushed through the lower house with such relentless determination.

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Head of Dutch security service is fed up with privacy concerns

Will people who value privacy know that they allowed a terrorist attack to take place? Rob Bertholee, head of the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (AIVD) made this and other bold statements in a revealing interview, clearly showing his frustration about legitimate privacy concerns.

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Dutch dragnet surveillance bill leaked: our analysis

At the end of April, an updated draft for the Dutch dragnet surveillance bill was leaked. It turns out that minister of the Interior Ronald Plasterk persists on granting the secret services the power to carry out bulk interception of innocent citizens’ communications.

DOSSIER: Geheime diensten

Let your government know what you think of the new bill for the secret services

We launched a website (in Dutch and English) that helps everyone living in the Netherlands form and voice an opinion about the recently published bill for the Dutch secret services: The Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk, wants to empower the intelligence- and security services with the ability to fully monitor all our communication […]