Net neutrality

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DOSSIER: Net neutrality

It starts with free Pokémon Go, it ends with Bolsonaro

Zero rating abandons those with fewer means to environments of digital garbage. We need strategies that guarantee a strict enforcement of net neutrality to prevent this from happening.

DOSSIER: Netneutraliteit – baas over je eigen bits

Het begint met gratis Pokémon Go, het eindigt met Bolsonaro

Zero-rating dwingt minderbedeelden te leven in een giftig digitaal milieu. Om dit te voorkomen hebben we strategieën nodig waardoor netneutraliteit strikt kan worden nageleefd.

DOSSIER: Net neutrality

Time for better net neutrality rules

Court follows the regulatory authority and allows T-Mobile’s zero-rating practice in the Netherlands.

DOSSIER: Net neutrality

Is the evaluation of the net neutrality rules balanced? The European Commission thinks so

The European Commission claims to have taken all necessary measures to ensure the impartiality of the researchers.

DOSSIER: Net neutrality

Bits of Freedom’s court case about zero rating

We have taken the Dutch regulatory authority to court over T-Mobile’s violation of the European net neutrality legislation. Here’s an update.