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Be A Rebel // Take action and donate

Algorithms determine what you can and cannot see. Cookies follow you everywhere on the internet. Tech companies earn billions by marketing our behavior. Why are we letting this happen? What can we do about it?

We need to be more rebellious. We allow ourselves to be tracked all over the internet. We share more and more information with companies that we trust less and less. We have to take control and take action.

That's why Bits of Freedom is looking for rebels! Big tech and nosy governments are too big to tackle? We don't think so. If we act together we can make a difference. Be a rebel and support Bits of Freedom.

What do you get in return?

• If you donate 10 euros per month or more you will receive a secure @ freedom.nl email address.
• If you donate 2.50 euros per month or more you will receive a Be A Rebel sticker set (scroll down for an example).
• Your donation has impact: thanks to our supporters we can take action, be a watchdog, develop tools and inform people.

Donate now and receive a shiny Be A Rebel sticker set.

Help mee en support ons

Door mijn bijdrage ondersteun ik Bits of Freedom, dat kan maandelijks of eenmalig.

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