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We are looking for a new Executive Director (I’ve announced my departure)

After more than six years of being Bits of Freedom’s Executive Director, I will leave per January 1st 2020. The search for my successor has started.

Bits of Freedom wants to keep renewing itself

When I started working for Bits of Freedom, the organization already had the explicit ambition to be the most professional and effective NGO of the Netherlands. That ambition still exists, and we want to fulfill that ambition in a sustainable way. This means that the organization needs to renew itself permanently and shouldn’t become dependent on any single individual. It is therefore fitting that I don’t occupy the same spot till the end of times, and that I create space for fresh ideas and new perspectives.

We have an extraordinary team

At this particular point in time, the Bits of Freedom team is bigger and better than everRead more about our team and board (which is necessary, due to all the work that is coming our way). We are a team of ten (eight FTE) and have plenty of in-house experience to make sure that the transition to a new director goes smoothly. Next to that, we have added a fifth member to our board, in order to increase its capacity to supervise this process.

It is a privilege to be able to work for Bits of Freedom

Being the Executive Director of an NGO which is playing a key role in the societal debate about human rights in digital environments and internet freedom, puts you in a very privileged position. It is fantastic to work every single day on one of the most urgent topics of our times. And especially to be able to do this within an extremely competent team, also with the help of thousands of volunteers and donating members who consider our practice to be important too. I wish for everybody to have the chance to do this type of work.

My personal plans are still unclear

To be honest, I don’t have any ideas about what I will be doing next. The plan for now is that I will be travelling during 2020 (as long and as slow as possible). After that, I will undoubtedly continue to be working on, and thinking about, the role that technology plays in our society. However, I can promise that I will not be working for one of the technology giantsFacebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics. If you want to be kept up to date about my plans and whereabouts, you best subscribe to my personal newsletter:

The search for a new Executive Director has started

The job opening has been listed online (in Dutch):

We are planning to have the new Executive Director start just after the summer. This means that I’ll be able to support the new director at the start of their role. We would love to hear from you if you are or know the perfect candidate!

Help mee en support ons

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