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Meta interferes with wombs

Meta shows to be anti-abortion and restricts people from sharing and accessing information about abortion pills. On top of that, menstrual cycle apps share users’ data with Facebook. The right to privacy is even more important to women now that Meta is interfering with their uteruses.

Facebook’s dominance makes it difficult to question the truth

Whoever directs our public debate directs us in our thinking, in our worldview and in our truth. This is why it is so harmful we are dependent on a small number of dominant companies for our public debate online.

Come on government, stand up for us!

The draft bill of the Dutch government, to transpose the Copyright Directive, lacks ambition.

Life-threatening: our dependency on Facebook

Dependency on one dominant source of information makes us extremely vulnerable.

Hey Google, which way are we being led?

Who decides how our public space is being used?

What the YouTube and Facebook statistics aren’t telling us

The figures of the dominant social media platforms about their take down of the Christchurch video are virtually meaningless.

YouTube puts uploaders, viewers and itself in a tough position

Improving the content moderation procedures only will not solve the issues with YouTube.

How much does your community depend on Facebook?

Facebook is to invest tens of millions in “community leaders” – on the condition that the community leader uses the “Facebook family of apps and services”. We argue for reducing the role of Facebook in your community.

Can Design Save Us From Content Moderation?

Our communication platforms are polluted with racism, incitement to hate, terrorist propaganda and Twitter-bot armies. The approaches we’re currently taking to combat this, aren’t good enough.