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Overview of user rights Digital Services Act

On 17 February 2024, the Digital Services Act (hereafter DSA), the European law to protect users of online platforms from the power and policies of Big Tech, came into force. A number of rights in the DSA are only effective if users enforce them themselves. These include, for example, turning a specific setting on or off or actively seeking information. To inform users about this, we publish our fact sheet 'user rights DSA'.

Factsheet and website

With the fact sheet 'user rights DSA', we list the most important enforceable user rights. The rules cover for instance: insight into the online environment, customising the interface, platform accessibility, content moderation and complaint handling.

We also recently published a website around the DSA rules: www.yourplatformrights.euYour platform rights website . Whereas the fact sheet actually discusses and gives an overview of the articles in the legislation, the website offers more explanation on the underlying issues of platforms and the solutions proposed by the DSA. The website also lists the actions you can take per platform to actually enforce the rights: learn what you can do.

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