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Dutch election results foreshadow a battle for the rule of law

The results of the general elections pose an enormous threat to the rule of law. And thus to all who wish to live in freedom.

From abolishing the Senate to discriminating against people based on their origin, religion or sexual orientation: the election results show that justice, equality and human rights should never be taken for granted. Indeed, we need to drastically increase our efforts to fight for them in the next couple of years.

Now is the time to act. Minimize the storage of information about people, delete risk profiles from servers, destroy the algorithms that are used to profile and discriminate against people. The need to ban facial recognition technology is more urgent than ever. And we cannot afford laws that allow all our communications to be monitored. Or that weaken our regulators.

More than ever before, people will need to be protected from the government.

We have to do this together. We will continue to fight and we hope you will too.

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