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Highlights of 2022

Curious about our work? In our annual report you can find what we've been engaged in over the past year, the successes we've achieved, and our plans for the future.

Click through to read our annual report. You can do so online, or in PDF format:

We need you more than ever!

In our annual report, you'll read that we unfortunately didn't achieve our desired donor growth of approximately €30K. While we've gained many new donors, there have also been an above-average number of departures. Increased costs of living, energy prices, inflation: Some donors, with a heavy heart, cancelled their regular donations or were compelled to reduce their contributions.

Are you already a supporter (thank you!) and thinking of increasing your contribution? You can manage that yourself in the Bits of Freedom supporter-section. You can find the supporter-section hereAt donateurs.bitsoffreedom.nl/.

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