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Coming soon: A civil society summit on tech, society, and the environment

We are excited to announce that together with EDRi and other civil society organisations we will be co-hosting the “Tech and Society Summit” this fall, 1 October 2024. This event aims to foster dialogue and debate between civil society and recently elected EU decision-makers, focusing on the intersection of technology, society, and the environment.

What to expect?

During the event, we will host a series of panels and conversations to cover key issues and sectors affected by rapid tech developments including:

  • health, climate and the environment
  • public discourses and disinformation
  • defence, policing and migration
  • labour, education and public interest services

What we want to achieve

Through this event, we aim to bring civil society’s voices to the forefront of EU’s digital policy debates. Together we are building this space to create a bridge between digital rights organisations and new policymakers to achieve accountable, people-focused policies that advance everyone’s digital rights.

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