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Hans de Zwart New Director, starting October 1st 2013

The Board of Directors of Bits of Freedom is very happy to announce that on October 1st 2013, Hans de Zwart will start as the new Director of Bits of Freedom.

Hans already played an important role in Bits of Freedom’s network of volunteers, among other things as guest speaker. He has a solid background and broad network in the domain of digital rights and freedoms and is an active blogger. Most recently, Hans has been working in the private industry at Shell in the field of innovation. Before that, he had a company specializing in open source learning technologies and was a PE teacher in Amsterdam. Hans has inspiring ideas about the organization and future of Bits of Freedom and we are convinced of his qualities to lead Bits of Freedom towards new successes in the fight for digital freedom.

With Hans de Zwart as upcoming director, the Board of Directors has thus found an ideal successor to the current Director Ot van Daalen, who has very successfully led the organization over the last four years. During this period, wonderful results have been achieved, together with the current and former members of the Bits of Freedom team, and together with our volunteers and followers. The job search for his successor was launched this Spring and has been concluded over the Summer. There was an overwhelming amount of good candidates. Ultimately, the Board has signed an agreement with Hans for the next years. Ot van Daalen will remain at Bits of Freedom until early 2014 and support the transition. We wish Hans a lot of success an look forward to a great collaboration!

PS: Hans will be present at the Big Brother Awards, so there will be a first chance to meet him there.

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