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Bits of Freedom defends freedom and privacy on the internet. For its activities, websites and mailing lists, Bits of Freedom therefore applies a clear privacy policy and no general terms and conditions.

[Old version - 23 May and before]


To create anonymous statistics about visits to our websites, we use cookies, so-called id and session cookies. The infringement of our visitors privacy is minimized. Bits of Freedom only uses open source software Piwik, masking the last 2 bytes of the visitor's IP address and removing visitor logs older than one year. We keep the data on our own servers, which are located in the Netherlands and are managed by us. Finally, we respect Do Not Track headers. Indeed, we encourage its use and of cookie-blockers!



Donations can be made through MollieMore about Mollie's payment module. Data of continuous donors are managed by Bits of Freedom. Data of one-time donations are managed by Mollie.

Mailing lists

For all mailing lists, interested parties must first confirm their subscription through email. Subscribers can unsubscribe without further intervention by Bits of Freedom. Subscriber e-mail addresses are not publicly accessible. The maintenance, management and security of the mailing lists software is carried out by Bits of Freedom. Email addresses will never be shared with third parties, unless we are specifically required to do so by applicable law or court order.


When placing comments under blogs, IP addresses and, when filled in by the user, email addresses, are stored. IP addresses are only stored to prevent spam. Only the WordPress users of Bits of Freedom (the permanent staff and a strict selection of volunteers) can view these IP addresses. When a visitor participates in a poll, the IP address is logged to determine that one IP address has only voted once. The IP addresses collected for a poll are permanently deleted at the moment the poll is closed.


Other activities

For all other activities organized by Bits of Freedom, such as the award of the Big Brother AwardsGo to the website for the Dutch Big Brother Awards, or other actions requiring the engagement of interested parties, Bits of Freedom collects as little personal information as possible and never shares these records with third parties, unless we are specifically required to do so by applicable law or court order. If people sign up for mailing lists by email, their email addresses will only be used for that specific purpose. If Bits or Freedom collaborates with other organizations in campaigns, for example in a European context, it will insist on a clear privacy policy. And the people who read this text can receive a free Bits of Freedom t-shirt, if they send an email with the subject "privacy statement" to info@bof.nlMail info@bof.nl.



No terms and conditions

Yes, that's right: no general conditions. We could write a long piece about the legal terms that you agree with when visiting our website. And that Dutch law applies to your visit to our website. But we do not believe you can agree to our terms, just by visiting our website. This requires more, for example, clicking on an 'I accept' button before visiting our site. But we do not want to ask this of you.

Nevertheless, some organisations we work with appreciate it if we summarize all information about Bits of Freedom in one place. Therefore, we have listed the most important information about Bits of Freedom here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bof.nlMail info@bof.nl.

The Bits of Freedom Foundation (Bof) is located at Prinseneiland 97hs, 1013 LN Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bits of Freedom is registered in the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34121286. The VAT number is: NL808804169B01.

You can donate to Bits of Freedom by transferring money to Bits of Freedom's bank account: IBAN NL73TRIO0391107380. To process donations online, via iDeal, PayPal and credit card, we use Mollie. You can also authorize Bits of Freedom to periodically withdraw a certain amount from your bank account and you can revoke that authorization at any time. You only need to send an email to info@bof.nlMail info@bof.nl. You only need to provide us with your name, address and account number, and we appreciate it if you would like to indicate why you want to terminate the authorization (but this is not required). Bits of Freedom has been designated a Public Benefit Organisation More about tax advantages aavailable to a Public Benefit Organisation by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

We are great advocates of sharing knowledge and freedom of expression. We therefore offer the opportunity to respond to blogposts on our site. Please, read the internal rules for our blogThe internal rules for our blog.

Bits of Freedom strives for the information on its website to be correct. If you find an error, please let us know. You can reach us at info@bof.nlMail info@bof.nl.

The texts and the design of this website are published under an Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) Creative Commons LicenseAll you want to know about this Creative Commons license. If you want to use our brand or our corporate identity, or if you want to use the texts on our website under conditions other than those of the applicable Creative Commons license, please contact us at info@bof.nlMail info@bof.nl.

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